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Warm weather brings allergy season

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Warmer weather is good news for most, but not necessarily for allergy sufferers.

Allergy sufferers beware, the pollen is coming. But if you're already feeling sick, the warm February wet winter didn't help.

"One of the issues for outdoor allergies in winter is mold. If it gets warm enough, the mold spores will form," said Boardman allergy doctor Asif Khan.

So if you know you have allergies, now might be the time to start taking those antihistamines.  Doctors say start with the over the counter items.

"There's Claritin, there's Zyrtec, there's Allegra. All three have a "D" preparation. They just add Sudafed to it. Some of the nasal sprays include Flonase," said Dr. Khan.

If you take those for over two weeks and you're still not getting relief,  then you might have to see your doctor.

Dr. Khan says his office is averaging about 150 shots a day right now.

Now that it's finally above 70 degrees you may be inclined to open a window. You might want to give it at least a month so all that tree pollen doesn't come into your house.

What about your children? Even if you don't have allergies they might. If you child starts rubbing their eyes a lot.  

"They are rubbing their nose. You'll see a crease across the nose because they are constantly running. Sometimes they'll have shiners under their eyes, dark circles, no different than getting punched in their eye because they are constantly breaking blood vessels while they are rubbing their eyes," said Dr. Khan.

If you see those symptoms for over two weeks, they might have allergies and will need to see a doctor

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