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Youngstown looks into possible Campbell tax mix up

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The mix up concerns some businesses on McCartney Road (Route 422) in Campbell that mistakenly paid payroll taxes to the city of Youngstown.

 It came to light when Campbell Mayor Nick Phillips revealed that the Dairy Queen on McCartney Road had wrongfully been paying income taxes to Youngstown for several years. 

The owner of the Dairy Queen tells 21 News it was a mistake by a new payroll service, and only involved two employees and the problem was corrected.

Jeff Limbian, Youngstown Law Director, said, "I think it was an honest mistake on the part of the taxpayer or those who were preparing their tax work." 

The mix up might involve as many as nine businesses on the south side of McCartney Road, which is in Campbell.  

Ace East Pawn recently moved from the Youngstown side to the Campbell side and the owner says when he saw the mayor on the news he wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing.

"I thought, wait a minute, this is all of us on this side of the road all the way down the highway. So I felt I might be one of them. So let's make a phone call," said Andy Burcsak from Ace East Pawn.  Burcsak was waiting to hear back from his accountant.

Any business making the mistake would actually be paying too much tax because of Youngstown's higher rate. Campbell is 2.5% while Youngstown is 2.75%.

Limbian said the city is working with the Regional Income Tax Agency to review past records to get an accurate accounting.

"Actually, I'm glad it's being brought to our attention. We don't want to take people's money unfairly," said Limbian.

Ohio law only allows a three year look back on tax recoveries. It's not known when the RITA review will be completed. 

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