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No tuition increase for returning YSU students

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Students returning to Youngstown State University won't pay more to attend classes this coming school year, and new students are being promised a guaranteed tuition rate for the four years they spend at YSU.

Under actions taken by trustees this week, Undergraduate full-time tuition will remain the same for all continuing students:

$4,044 per semester for in-state students

$4,224 per semester for students living in the Affordable Tuition Advantage region

$7,044 for students who live outside the region.

Tuition for new incoming undergraduate students is set under the new Penguin Promise, which provides a guaranteed tuition rate for four consecutive academic years.

Under the program, full-time undergraduate per semester tuition will be $4,450 for in-state students, $4,630 for students in the ATA region, and $7,450 for students outside the region. Those rates will remain the same for four consecutive years, according to the university.

Tuition for master’s degree students will increase $103 per semester, while doctoral-level tuition goes up $309 per semester.

YSU is projected to retain its standing as one of the most affordable universities in the state, nearly $1,500 below the annual state average and about $1,700 lower than the average among public universities in Northeast Ohio.

The trustee's resolution also includes a new mandatory $34-per-semester student fee for the new Student Health Center, a partnership with Mercy Health that will be housed in a new building on Lincoln Avenue. The fee was approved by a majority of students in a referendum in the spring semester.

Eddie Howard, vice president for Student Affairs, said the center will significantly expand health services for students, including psychiatric care. It’s “a game-changer for our students,” he said. Howard also noted that the new center will likely not open until January; therefore, the fee for the Fall semester will be only $17 per student.

Meanwhile, Tressel said that, due to board decisions over the past 20 to 25 years not to raise tuition when it was allowed to by the state, YSU is always behind, in terms of revenue, with other Ohio public universities, which raised tuition when they were allowed. “That’s why we’re behind in revenue,” he said. “We didn’t stay in step.”

Approved the university’s fiscal year 2019 operating budget. The $181.75 million budget represents an increase of $5.6 million or 3.2 percent from the previous fiscal year.

The budget assumes a 1.5 percent increase in enrollment, no change in undergraduate tuition rates for continuing students, a 6 percent increase in undergraduate tuition for incoming students as part of the Penguin Promise tuition guarantee program, a 1.2 percent or $502,000 increase in state funding and an increase in investment earnings.

On the spending side, the budget includes a 2.5 percent salary increase for faculty and a 2 percent wage increase for classified staff, as well as a $3.5 million bump in spending on non-athletics scholarships.

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