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Family of murder victims want to know who could do something like this

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We are learning more about the victims of that triple homicide on Youngstown's Southside.

Youngstown Police Detectives say they are actively looking for a person of interest from Columbus, with ties to the area, and they believe one of the victims, 21-year-old Edward Morris, Jr., was the target of the deadly shootings.  

Morris was in a silver Saturn on Pasadena and Gibson along with his girlfriend, 19-year-old Valarcia Blair and their three-and-a-half month old baby Tarique Morris, when two different weapons were used to riddle the car with bullets on Wednesday night.

Blair's family is trying to hold on to happier memories of their loved ones.

Her mother, Elizabeth Green, through tear-filled eyes, said, "I mean, my daughter was so giving and caring. She was sweet.  I mean, she was just your typical 19-year-old."

But the victim's family can't erase the images of how their loved ones died in a hail of gunfire along with the baby's father Edward Morris, Jr.

"They don't know what they did. Took my babies from me.  And y'all can't keep doing this senseless killing out here like this.  God see y'all. It's like a cycle out here for real," Green said.

Youngstown detectives suspect the older Morris was the target possibly because of an on-going feud or argument.  He also had a criminal record in the Columbus area.  They confirm Morris fired off two shots from his vehicle.  The family says they were told more than 30 shots were fired at the victims.

Lula Green is victim Valarcia Blair's grandmother and the great grandmother of victim Tarique Morris.  She had this to say about the shooters. "They're just cowards.  Why would you do something like this?  If you got something in for somebody else do that to that person. You didn't have to take my grandchild because you're after somebody else." 

Victim Valarcia Blair leaves two other children behind including a 
two-year-old who keeps asking for his mother.  Too young to understand she's not coming back.

Meanwhile, for the second time in less than 24 hours police are back at Pasadena and Gibson where a triple homicide occurred.

One man was arrested on drug and gun charges.  Youngstown police were called to the home after a man was spotted taking valuables out of the home.

21 News was able to obtain a video of the man putting items from the home in the trunk of his car.

Detectives say he could also be charged with aggravated burglary if it's discovered he doesn't live at the address.

What's unclear is if the victims from the triple murder also lived at that home. One neighbor tells 21 News they did live there along with several other people.

But for now, a family is just asking who could murder three people including a mother of three and her infant son?

Her aunt Lula Scott said, "Who raised monsters like that?"

But out of this horrible tragedy comes a kind heart.

Victim Valarcia Blair's father, Valar Blair, tells 21 News that he wants to thank YPS, Youngstown Pipe and Steel, LLC, and it's owner Vince Pellini.  His boss has offered to pay the entire cost of Blair's daughter's funeral and his grandson's funeral.  Lifting a burden at a time when a family is dealing with so much loss and grief.

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