SALEM, Ohio - A new and different grocery store has opened in Salem and it is offering deep discounts of 50 to 75 percent off on all products.

Wednesday was opening day at Egli's Discount Market on West Fourth Street in Salem. Inside, the shelves are stocked with a lot of familiar brand names, but the owners say there's just one small difference. "The groceries that we get in are groceries that normal grocery stores don't want to sell," said Evan Egli.

It's kind of like the scratch & dent version of a supermarket. Sometimes referred to as salvage grocery stores, they are a growing business and they are saving a lot of food that would otherwise be wasted.

"We buy things by the semi-load. We get full semi-loads of things at a time," said co-owner Kristen Egli.

And it's not all food products. The store often gets paper products and cleaning products.

Kristen points out that there's a difference between an expiration date on a product and a use by date. "Most things are good three to five years after the date that's printed on them, that's just when the grocery store wants to get them off their shelves by that date."

The owners say the inspiration for the store came when they visited a similar market while on a trip. "There was nothing like that in our area and we thought there was a need for it so we decided to give it a try," Kristin said.

Egli's Discount Market is open seven days a week.