One unfortunate Leetonia man defended himself from a second attempted robbery in three weeks with an unusual choice of weapons.

Twenty-four-year-old Alex Fluharty told police officers two men wearing ski masks attempted to enter his apartment and rob him early on Friday morning.

Fluharty says he heard voice outside his front door and then two suspects kicked in his door.

However, Fluharty was waiting for the burglars on the other side of the door and when the would-be thieves entered, Fluharty attacked them with a samurai sword, say police.

Fluharty injured one of the men by hitting him with the sword in the head and the arm. The burglars then fled from his apartment.

Authorities say they received information from Salem Regional Medical Center that a man was treated at their facility with injuries matching those of the suspect.

Police are investigating the most recent theft attempt, but say they believe it is unrelated to a previous theft.

In late November Fluharty says he was roughed up and robbed by five people who forced their way into his Chestnut Street apartment.

Alex Fluharty told officers that a 14-year-old girl that he knows and four males accompanying her, forced their way into his residence.

One of the intruders then put him in a headlock while another male stole $300 from his wallet.

When the five left the apartment, Fluharty says he tried jumped through the passenger window of their car as it drove away.

Chief Soldano of the Leetonia Police Department said the two incidents appear to be separate, and unfortunate, events.

Soldano said the suspects from the previous theft are all juveniles, while the latest attempt was carried out by adults.

Chief Soldano said the police do not believe this is the beginning of a crime spree, rather they are random, individual events.