Investigators have identified human remains found in a Warren building during an inspection last March, and believe he was the victim of a murder.

Warren Police say that investigation has determined that it was the body of Thomas L. Pickens that was discovered behind the wall of an upstairs apartment at 540 East Market Street.

Pickens, who would have been sixty-years-old, was never reported missing to authorities. His only known relatives were two children who are now deceased.

The coroner has ruled the death a homicide, and police are investigating.

A contractor conducting an asbestos inspection in the East Market Street building last March found a human arm bone in a pile of insulation on the first floor.

After noticing a hole in the ceiling, the contractor went to the second floor where the the body was hidden in a crawl space.

Police estimate the body had been there at least five years.

The owners of the building, also own Sunrise Inn. They tell 21 News, they purchased the building in a bankruptcy sale about a month before the remains were discovered.