A federal judge has ordered mediation in a civil rights lawsuit claiming that the Sharon Police Department and three of its officers used excessive force when they fatally shot a transgender person.

According to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by the mother of 23-year-old Sean Marie Hake, officers responded to a domestic incident at Hake's Tamplin Street home on January 6.

The lawsuit says three unnamed Sharon Police Officers arrived and found Hake sitting in a car outside the home and that one of the officers fired three shots into Hake's chest without provocation and without a reasonable attempt to make an arrest.

The suit also claims that police knew that Hake had mental health issues and had been involuntarily committed in the past due to suicidal incidents.

Mercer County District Attorney Miles Karson announced several days after the shooting that evidence gathered by the Pennsylvania State Police indicated that the shooting of Hake was justified.

According to a transcript from a 911 call, Hake had held a razor blade to the mother's throat and was trying to kill her.

The suit, which alleges assault, battery, and violation of Hake's civil rights, seeks in excess of $75,000 including court costs, attorney’s fees, and punitive damages.

The city in its response has denied the allegations, saying among other things that officers acted properly and that the shooting occurred because of Hake's actions. The city has asked that the complaint be dismissed.

The complaint and the city's response may be read here:

Answer filed by the city of Sharon: