The boy who was in a fatal ATV crash in Ashtabula has been identified by the coroner as 7-year-old Kelden Martinez of Green Township in Trumbull County. 

Kelden Martinez is being remembered with love by the Maplewood Athletic Club.  

The boys played their hearts out in the game in memory of their friend and teammate Kelden. The girls wore green and blue bands stating they miss him. And Maplewood Magic showed their love and support by wearing Kelden's number 8 on their helmets. 

A mother of two boys Hayden and Henry who lives in a neighboring district was on her way to a soccer game when she saw information about the fatal ATV crash in Ashtabula with a local boy passing away. 

Amy Newton said, "I just happened to be going through Facebook when I came across this story and I was like oh my goodness. I have two sons so this immediately tugged at my heartstrings.

"I just can't imagine what this family is going through. I saw the boy's uncle had started a go fund me account and I thought we as a neighboring community should help," she said.

Newton said that she reached out to members of the Lakeview Athletic Club and asked each family to donate $10 or whatever they can to help.

"Our goal is $1,000. If we can lessen the load just a little bit we would like to do that," she said.

Kelden's uncle Rick Jacob Morrow from Youngstown has also set up a GoFundMe page so people can help.

You can visit the page by clicking here.