An Austintown man already charged with kidnapping, resisting arrest, and assault could face more charges after allegedly spitting on one of the officers who was arresting him.

Twenty-five-year-old Cody Stenger was arrested early Wednesday after getting a phone call from a woman saying she had been assaulted by her boyfriend at his Deer Creek apartment.

The woman told police that Stenger had pushed her against a wall, dragged her by her hair, and punched her several times.  She claimed Stenger refused to let her leave the apartment.

The woman says she managed to escape, driving to a gas station at Kirk and Raccoon Roads where she called the police.

Officers say in their report that the skin on the woman's head was reddened, her arm was bruised, she had cuts and scrapes on her back, shoulder, knee, hand, elbow and, foot.

Police found the apartment in disarray, with blood on the carpet.

Stenger had blood on his face and scratches on his chest.

He told officers that he was trying to get his girlfriend to calm down and she threw him head-first into the bedroom wall two or three times.

Stenger, who claims that his girlfriend cut him on the chest with a knife, wasn't able to get off the floor for 15 to 25 minutes so he could call his father.

Police say when they told Stenger he was being arrested, he began yelling profanities and began trying to pull away from an officer.

According to the police log, Stenger spit on an officer and would face additional charges.

Stenger was checked out at the hospital before being booked into the county jail.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges next week.