Warren residents may begin to see green water sitting in ditches and sewer inlets soon.

According to a release from Warren city officials, Warren's contractor AECOM Technical services and the City of Warren Water Pollution Control will begin conducting field tests next week.

The tests are being used to help determine sources of inflow and and infiltration.

The tests are expected to last for several months and city officials say the tests shouldn't raise concerns for residents.

Crews will be using a tracer dye that will give water a bright green color that could sit in ditches and sewer inlets.

Smoke testing may also occur near some sewers.

The following streets are included in the work area:

  • Perkinswood Blvd SE
  • Central Parkway SE
  • Trumbull Ave SE
  • Meadowbrook Ave SE
  • Eastland Ave SE
  • Catalpa St SE
  • Devon St SE
  • Edgehill Ave SE
  • Patchen Ave SE

Residents with concerns can call the Water Pollution Control Department at 333-841-2591.