Six hours into the first day of summer and it's been nothing but sunshine.

But the residual effects of all that recent rain is still being felt across the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys.

That's because almost 10 inches of rain has been measured in the last 30 days.

And parts of Trumbull county remain under a Flood warning.

So the next couple summer like days will be welcome news for many,  including those in the construction business.

21 News visited several job sites and learned it's going to be a busy summer for construction crews trying to catch up after rain delays.

Skilled trades workers overseeing the new wing at Angels for Animals, were working on the roof and welcoming the long awaited sunshine.

That's because the last 30 days have been flooded with 9.95 inches of rain, as officially measured at the Youngstown Airport.

Sam Boak is the President of Boak and Sons, Inc. and is also the President of the Home Builder's Association for a 5 county area.

He says the rain has left puddles of mud, as well as standing water on roofs, making it difficult for construction crews to do what they do best. And on the days when the rain made for a washout construction workers wallets took the hit.

"They're all working very hard, but they're all making the comment that this is a difficult financial year for them and their families," Boak said.

The story is no different when it comes to constructing new homes.

"Homes right now are a little bit down because they haven't been able to dig the hole for the basement, without digging a hole and finding two feet of water in it you know in the next day or two.  So it's delayed some of the new construction of homes," Boak tells 21 News.

Those installing in-ground pools are also facing an onslaught of mud and other issues, as they dig deep to get the job done.

Walt Simon works for his brother who owns BY Pools and Spas in Poland, "Over a month, month and a half delay because of the weather.  Cost more money for gravel because you have to dig a bigger hole than you're supposed to."

Now these workers are looking to the same skies that brought the rain to bring relief.

"Next week it's supposed to be in the 80's, so we'll probably get more work done," Simon said.

Hoping Mother Nature won't continue to rain  on their parade.