A teenager's body was pulled from the Shenango River Wednesday afternoon in Mercer County. 

Authorities say the teen was one of three suspects involved in a police chase earlier this week and it's believed he jumped in the river to get away, although family members say he couldn't swim. 

The scene near Church Street in Wheatland Wednesday afternoon was a mother's worst nightmare.

Earlier in the day, the family of 18-year-old Isaac Green was searching for the teen after he ran from police with two other suspects Monday.

"If you're out there, Isaac, I love you, and whenever you come home I just miss you, I just want you to come home," cried his mother, Una Green.

Later that afternoon, a body was discovered by authorities in the Shenango River. The district attorney identified the body as that of 18-year-old Isaac Green.

"For this to happen to him, it's very sickening. My heart really hurts, like I can't even stomach it," said Green's cousin, Dawon Miller.

Authorities say the teen was one of three suspects involved in a police chase on Monday. According to District Attorney Peter Acker, the three were driving around Farrell shooting at things "or people." That's when police started the chase. Acker said the car the three were in turned out to be stolen, as well as one of two guns in the car.

After the crash, all three suspects fled. Eighteen-year-old Travis Brandt was arrested on the far side of the river and charged with receiving stolen property, possession of drugs, and drug paraphernalia

The whereabouts of the other two suspects were unknown at the time. The district attorney says K-9 dogs and infrared cameras were used to assist in the search.

On Wednesday, the family of Green started to search the area.

"We've been here since 9 o'clock. If I would have walked out a little bit further I probably would have seen him," said Miller

Authorities later joined the search after the district attorney said authorities spoke with Brandt behind bars and learned it's a possibility Green had also been in the river.

The family is upset these other two suspects left their loved one behind.

"Why would you keep running? I don't care if the police were chasing you, because if it were him, on the other hand, he would have sat there and helped you guys if he knew how to swim," cried Miller. "It would have been different. It would have been a whole completely other story."

Authorities have not yet released the name of the third suspect. But, the district attorney said they believe he is alive and it's possible someone is harboring him. If that's the case that individual could also face charges.