On Kinsman Nickerson Road, downstream from a broken lake dam, a wall of water and fish washed away crops when a dam burst Saturday.

The water moved cars in the driveway like Tonka toys in a bathtub. 

One ended up slamming into the home, the other in the yard. 

As the rains continue to fill the basement, no one knows the extent of the damage yet.

A resident of Kinsman says she does not know if some members of her family will even have a home to live in after the flooding. 

"We don't know if they'll have a home to live in. Nobody thought about them, where the water was going," said Nickie Matson, a resident of Kinsman. 

The flood has brought out a wave of offers of help and compassion as people from the Presbyterian Church opened their doors providing food, water, and refuge for 66 people who can no longer go home until funding is in place to rebuild a bridge.

For those who didn't make it out to the Presbyterian Church to sign up for assistance you can drop by the Lake to River Chapter of the American Red Cross on Belmont Avenue, or you can call them at 330-392-2551.