It's a story authorities are all too familiar with...In-home caregivers stealing from their elderly or sick clients.
So how can you be sure your loved one is being cared for properly and how can you trust someone to do it?

Julie Grohovsky sat in court Friday and watched the woman who stole thousands of dollars from her 89 year-old mother just get probation.
Julie lives in Washington DC and hired Ruth Jordan of Newton Falls to look after her mom.

"It's really devastating. My mother thought Ruth was her friend. We felt terrible because we trusted Ruth. We felt guilty because we didn't keep a better eye on my mom," said Grohovsky.

So how do you know who to hire?  How can you trust them?  First, hire an agency who does extensive background checks. 

Comfort Keepers in Youngstown do a series of criminal checks and drug screenings on all of their employees, but not every companion care agency does.

"There is no oversight for private care agencies. You could open up your own agency tomorrow and start taking care of seniors with nothing," said Comfort Keepers owner, David Mirkin.

Direction Home of Eastern Ohio says ask for references of former clients and once you do hire someone store your valuables including medications, cash, checks and credit cards in a private place.

"You do want to check your accounts if something does seem amiss. Usually work with cash if you do have a home health aid who is shopping for you. Maybe give them $50 and when you get a receipt back you can verify the money has been properly handled," said Sarah Ridel of Direction Home.

If you suspect someone has stolen from your loved one do not confront them, call the police and their employer.