A Boardman man has been arrested after allegedly having drugs and explosives in his car.

According to the police report, the incident occurred around 11:18 a.m. on Monday.

30-year-old Joshua Barnes was involved in an accident at Market Street and Colwyn Court in Boardman and was pulled off to the side of the road.

Police say Barnes was in the driver's seat with the car running but was unresponsive.

According to the report, Barnes woke up and was sweating heavily and had bloodshot eyes.

Police say Barnes' speech was slurred and handed the officer his Visa card when asked for his drivers license.

Reports say there was a syringe in the driver door pocket.

Barnes was asked if he had any drugs or needles on him and he allegedly told the officers no.

According to the report, Barnes was asked to get out of the car and officers found a crack pipe on the driver seat.

Police say Barnes said he had a knife on him and police found a syringe with a broken tip and a tie off.

Reports say Barnes was searched and was found to have two baggies of white powder, pills and marijuana.

Officers report that they found a rock of crack cocaine and a Husky case with syringes and other objects used to inject heroin.

According to reports, officers also found five homemade explosives with waterproof fuses.

Reports say Barnes told police the explosives were "fun to blow up."

The Youngstown Bomb Squad was brought in to secure the explosives and described the items as highly unstable because they were covered with flash powder.

Barnes was given a citation for OVI, failure to maintain assured clear distance drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia, and dangerous ordinance.