Senior citizens in Mahoning and Columbiana counties will be able to be a part of a program that gives them more choices when it comes to eating healthy.

Starting January 1, 2020, the Get Out and Dine Program will give seniors, 60 and older, the opportunity to have nutritious meals in local participating restaurants. Direction Home of Eastern Ohio is behind this program that will be funded by the Older American's Act. 

Here's how it will work. Once senior citizens apply, they will be given seven vouchers monthly to redeem for an approved meal at one of the participating restaurants in Mahoning or Columbiana counties. The agency and the local restaurants will work together to come up with a menu that meets program guidelines for older adults.

"We recognized a need to ensure we were encompassing our target market of seniors. We are excited to pilot a new process where, rather than every individual going to a designated site and receiving the same meal. We provide choice and option to those utilizing the program. We feel this will allow for a more person-centered approach," Chief Executive Officer Joseph Rossi said.

Residents of Mahoning and Columbiana counties, as well as restaurants who want to participate, can contact Direction Home of Eastern Ohio at 330-505-2300 for more information on the application process. Those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, or receiving a meal through another Direction Home of Eastern Ohio Program, will not be eligible for this program.

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