A Warren man was left with bruises, cuts, and scrapes after an alleged attack by another man.

According to the police report, a group of people were helping a friend move on the 200 block of Tod Avenue in Warren Monday afternoon.

Police say they arrived on the scene and found a 19-year-old male victim with scrapes, cut marks, and bruises on his body.

A witness told police that the alleged attacker was obsessed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and kept calling him by the name of a professional wrestler. The victim also said that the attacker believes he lives the life of a WWE star.

Reports say the victim told the man that he didn't want to be called by the wrestling name and told him to call him "Shaggy" like his other friends do.

According to the report, the alleged attacker then started to call the victim's girlfriend a wrestling name.

Police say the victim told the attacker to stop calling his girlfriend by the wrestling name.

Officers say the attacker then stepped in front of the victim and began spitting on him as he spoke before pulling out a knife and putting it to the victim's throat.

According to the report, the victim swatted the knife away before he was grabbed by the throat and the attacker started to punch him.

Reports say the victim fell to the ground and had his head slammed against a brick wall by the attacker.

Police say the attacker was grabbed by his girlfriend and left the apartment.

Officers went to a nearby Burger King in an attempt to find the attacker but were not able to locate him.

According to reports, the attacker's girlfriend texted the victim's girlfriend stating that they better watch out.

No arrests have been made at the time of the report.