New details have been uncovered about the situation that led to the New Middletown Police Chief resigned from his position on Tuesday.

A source told 21 News that Mayor Harry Kale sent a letter to Sheriff Jerry Greene Sunday requesting an investigation into Police Chief Vince D'Egidio.

Mayor Kale states in the letter that he requested the investigation due to "the discovery of questionable material found on an agency owned computer."

The letter states that New Middletown officers contacted Kale on Sunday in regards to the discovery of the material.

According to the letter, D'Egidio allegedly visited pornographic sites frequently while on agency time.

The letter alleges that D'Egidio had various pornographic images on the agency computer as well as a video of him performing oral sex on an unknown male of unknown age.

Sheriff Jerry Greene launched the investigation on Sunday.

Vince D'Egidio submitted his resignation to Mayor Kale and Council Tuesday.