The Congressional race in Ohio's 13th District between incumbent Democrat Tim Ryan and pro-Trump Republican Christina Hagan is on the radar of both parties. It's viewed as a strong challenge to Ryan by some, but other analysts don't think so.

Former State Representative Christina Hagan easily won the primary election, besting six other candidates will nearly two-thirds of the vote. Her challenge to oust long-time incumbent Tim Ryan has caught the attention of Political Science Professor David Cohen at the University of Akron.

"Christina Hagan is the most qualified and most serious challenger Tim Ryan has had since he's been in congress," Cohen said.

Having said that, Cohen says Ryan remains very popular and doesn't believe voters in the 13th district are ready to turn away from him.
"He still won reelection in 2018 with six  out of ten votes in that district, and Patricia Hagan would really have to pull off a miracle to knock off Tim Ryan," 

Hagan is a conservative and strong backer of President Trump on gun control, abortion and immigration.  Analyst Dr. Bill Binning says the last redistricting will work likely against Hagan.

"She's facing a very big challenge because she's running in a district that was packed with democrats. So she has a very hard time with Ryan," Binning said.

Binning feels a key for Hagan will be if she is targeted for support by the Republican House Campaign Committee. "If she is targeted by the committee the
money will all flow in, and she would need a half a million or a million dollars more to make a race out of this,".

Hagan current;y does not reside in the 13th District but she is not required to. She is from Alliance.  Cohen believes she will need to raise her profile with voters in the Mahoning valley and western parts of the district.

Both analyst believe the handling of the coronavirus pandemic will now play a significant role in the campaign.