Twenty-four hours after someone anonymously posted signs outside Canfield’s C.J. Campbell Elementary School criticizing how children were being educated during the virus crisis, new messages appeared supporting the teachers and staff.

Five signs posted early Tuesday were gone and replaced with eight signs bearing messages like “Great Job Teachers”, “We (heart) our teachers”, and “Canfield Strong.”

One of the signs posted by the 4th-grade daughter of Trish Rair Hrina and a classmate thanks teachers and staff for distance visits, online learning,  teacher websites, and learning packets that have been prepared for students during the current school closure.

“These teachers quickly had to adjust to this new normal just like the rest of us and believe me - they love and miss our kids and have done a great job. They not only care about their education but also their well-being,” said Hrina who says she is a mom working at home. Her husband is a Youngstown firefighter.

The previous signs criticized teachers for not meeting with students enough, intimating that teachers were not working enough to justify their paychecks.