Trumbull County MetroParks is looking to create a foundation for the park so it can apply for grants to be used for the park. 

Currently, the Trumbull County MetroPark is losing out on a substantial amount of grants because of it's status as a political sub division. 

The park is looking to create a foundation through the Community Foundation so people can also donate to the foundation. 

The foundation would be a general foundation for money, and would be used for anything within the park. 

Maintenance for the park, updating and conserving trails, and different equipment like swings and benches would be covered under the new foundation. 

The foundation could also serve as another entity for people to donate to the park. 

According to  Zachary Svette of Trumbull MetroParks, some donors don't feel comfortable donating directly to the park, and would feel more comfortable donating to a non-profit. 

The Trumbull County MetroParks board meeting will take place Thursday at 4:15 p.m. Svette is hoping the community will support the idea for this foundation.