People who like to Vape will have a lot less choice of products soon thanks to a recent decision from the Food and Drug Administration.

Larry Conti owns the Vapors choice in North Lima. He has over a thousand flavors of vape juice and other products.

"There's been an ongoing consistent attempt to strangle the vaping industry out of business," said Conti.
 He says the recent FDA ruling will remove a lot of those products he sells and he believes it will ultimately hurt those who are using them.

"This industry helps people get off of smoking cigarettes. Science in other countries like in Asia and Europe has shown vaping is 95% safer than smoking," added Conti.

He says the different flavors help satisfy the cravings smokers get. The vape oils come in different nicotine contents so the idea is to wean yourself down off higher levels down to zero.

Those critical of the industry have long said manufacturers target teens in their advertising. They also say vaping is not a good alternative to smoking.

"There are other chemicals that we don't know about in the vape products. I think there are better ways to get nicotine to quit smoking like patches and the FDA approved ways of getting nicotine replaced," said Dr. Raymond Peters.

Vape store owners believe getting rid of their industry will just make people turn back to smoking regular cigarettes.