Valley Representative, Mike Loychik is a co-sponsor of a bill introduced in Ohio that would place one of two major airports in the Ravenna area.

However, Loychik's district does not include Portage County so this begs the question of how practical it is to bring another airport to Northeast Ohio.

Loychik describes this idea as "common sense legislation," however other lawmakers along with aviation experts are on a whole different page stating the bill simply doesn't make any sense.

"It's a far riskier proposition. It would propose construction of new airports in regions today that don't have a lot of scheduled commercial airline service," said Bob Mann of R.W. Mann & Company Inc.

Mann says that while airline travel demand is making a strong recovery, without prior commitments coming from these proposed airports, this legislation is basically a gamble.

The bill is headed for a community hearing that Representative, Michele Lepore-Hagan will be a part of. Lepore-Hagan says she wonders why Loychik, who represents Trumbull County would be sponsoring a bill for a neighboring county he's not a part of.

Especially when an airport that is in his district is currently being met with renewed efforts to spur activity.

"It's not the way an elected official should be working to represent the constituents of their district," Lepore-Hagan said.