People hold fundraisers to help benefit those in need all the time. It's common to find a local spaghetti dinner or a charity auction, but one Cortland area business found a much different way to help raise money for a children's "safety city."

It all looks like useless junk and it kinda is but it also has some value. Whether it's an old oven or just small pieces of aluminum it has value. Especially these days.

"We take refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, all appliances, copper wire. All of that profit will be turned into a scrap metal company and we will match 100% of what we donate," said Ryan Stan of NEO Junk Removal Inc.

NEO Junk removal is holding a scrap metal drive Friday and Saturday at Willow Park in Cortland.

The value of all that scrap will go toward building a safety city for children in Pearl Park.
It's an interactive and educational space that teaches kids real world safety lessons.

The Cortland Area Lions Club is assisting in the project.

"Anytime we can help out the community and teach kids to be able to ride their bikes in the streets and not get hit that's always a good thing. We saw this as an event that came up and the mayor asked us to put our efforts towards this and we are always trying to do what we can for the city of Cortland," said Bill Lowther of Cortland Lions Club.

You can drop off your metal scrap at willow park from 9 to 4 on Saturday, April 16th.

They can't take TV's, microwaves or trash but they can take things like window air conditioners, cans, metal office furniture and just about anything made of mostly metal.