Ohio is still five months away from its general election, but new poll data from USA Today is shedding light on the race for Rob Portman's seat in the U.S. Senate.

Valley Congressman, Tim Ryan and his Republican opponent, J.D. Vance appear to be neck and neck according to the data.

Tim Ryan's advertising, as well as his heavy campaigning has helped him in the polls. Vance on the other hand has slowed down on the campaigning after winning the primary election.

When it comes to approval ratings, Ryan is liked more by Democratic voters than Vance is liked by Republican voters. 

Ryan says his strategy to pull ahead and beat Vance in November is to "just outwork [Vance]" and "get our record out there."

"It's been clear I've run against Nancy Pelosi, I've opposed Barack Obama on trade deals, I've supported Donald Trump on trade and China and some of the big things he tried to do. We really need to let people know I'm for Ohio, I'm for working class people here in our community," Ryan said.

The USA Today poll shows 17% of Ohio voters are undecided with 2% saying they'd vote for someone else entirely.