The head of the Mahoning County Board of Elections is taking a proactive measure to head off any confusion among voters who receive more than one application for an absentee ballot for the upcoming November election.

Elections Director Tom McCabe says in a media release that Ohio’s Secretary of State is already sending every registered voter in "active" status an absentee ballot application.

In addition to making it more convenient to cast a vote, McCabe says this will also help to reduce lines at polling places on Election Day

McCabe says the board has been fielding many questions from voters who have received multiple absentee requests.

"Candidates, organizations, and political parties may also send absentee ballot requests, which is legal and a common occurrence,” said McCabe. “Voters should only return one request. However, if multiple requests are received, only one ballot will be sent to the voter."

Other voting options include early voting at the Board of Elections beginning October 12 and voting in person on Election Day, November 8. The deadline to register to vote is October 11.

Voters are encouraged to contact the Board of Elections at (330)783-2474 if they have any questions regarding their voting status and procedures.