The November election is fast-approaching, and the race for Ohio's 33rd Senate seat has reached a boiling point.

Earlier this month, Ohio Senator Michael Rulli posted a video on his social media page, showing who he claims to be Democratic candidate Bob Hagan, at his South Avenue Rulli Bros. store.

Hagan has continued to deny those allegations and on Wednesday filed a cease-and-desist order, calling for the senator to take down the video post immediately, and threatening legal action.




That letter also claims Hagan was at his home at the time, while his vehicle was being serviced at Greenwood Chevrolet with screenshots of conversations to back up the claims.

"We caught him in a lie- it was a lie - we have proof that he lied," said Hagan, adding "We've offered to ping our telephone."

Senator Rulli tells 21 News that his adversary is "sad and desperate," and that he doesn't plan on taking down the video.

The video that Rulli posted on social media doesn't show the man harassing any customers.  When asked if he has video backing up those claims, Rulli said that he has additional video showing the man in the store for longer than one minute, but wouldn't let us see it, however, he said he would hand it over to the court if a judge were to ask for it.

Rulli did not say any harassment is visible in the additional video. He also says people at the store have signed affidavits to corroborate the story but wouldn't provide those names or allow us to speak to them.

"He'll have to come before the court and the judge, swear that he's telling the truth and he'll have to face a jury," Hagan concluded.