Protesters gathered outside of the Newton Falls Municipal court in support of a child who had allegedly been physically abused.

Amber McElravy, who has been charged with child endangering after a viral video surfaced on social media that showed McElravy abusing her five-year-old son, was in Newton Falls Court for a preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon.  

The charge, filed by a Sheriff’s Deputy, alleges that McElravy violated the law prohibiting a parent from administering corporal punishment or other physical disciplinary measures in a cruel manner or for a prolonged period that creates a substantial risk of serious physical harm to a child.

The video was so upsetting to people in the community that it drew protesters outside of the courthouse. 

Protesters were calling on city leaders to make changes, including tougher laws that would not only remove children from abusive situations but keep them out of them as well. 

Mckelrvy is charged with Child endangering and a grand jury will have to decide whether or not to indict her.