Several water line breaks closed down roads and businesses in Mahoning County Tuesday morning.
One of them in Struthers and another six in Lowellville.

"The water was gushing out into the street and because of the multiple water breaks in the area they weren't able to get to it quite quickly. So they shut the water off to stop it from gushing," said Struthers Safety Service Director, Bob Benson.

The break on Stewart Street in Stuthers closed down the street and the municipal building because water had to be shut off to homes and the government building.

Benson says Aqua Ohio is responsible for the repairs and they maintain the lines.

"It happens quite a bit with the older water systems in the city. I know the road itself is still brick underneath the pavement. It wasn't dug up so it's an old road," said Benson.

According to Aqua, Lowellville was harder hit with six different water lines breaks mostly along the area of Lowellville road.

One break flooded part of Enertech Electrical but a manager there says damage was minimal.
An Aqua spokesperson says 70 customers in all had interrupted service as a result of the breaks.

They say NO boil advisories will be necessary for any of their other customers in the area.

As of 4pm Tuesday afternoon water was restored to all customers.

As far as a cause of the Lowellville breaks, they believe there is some connection between them all but right now they are still investigating what that could be.