Tim Ryan's strong ground game wasn't enough to carry him to victory over JD Vance in the race for Ohio's open US Senate seat.

Notably absent from Vance's victory speech - any mention of former president Trump.
Trump endorsed Vance, which longtime Valley journalist and political expert Bertram DeSouza says helped make the difference.

"(It was) Vance's decision to adhere closely to the Trump playbook in terms of issues and in terms of his performance on the campaign trail, even to the extent of not finding any fault with Trump publicly insulting him," said DeSouza.

But why did Trump's endorsement help Vance in Ohio, but hurt Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania?

"I think Oz began to realize that he would now have to change his strategy and appeal to Democrats who liked Trump, but didn't vote in the primary, or independents," DeSouza tells 21 News. "So he started moderating his message."

DeSouza believes that turned off much of the Trump faithful, who wouldn't have been enough to carry Oz over the finish line alone.

With Trump set to make what many believe will be a major announcement next week, only time will paint the true and current picture of his influence over the GOP.