"If those people who are contributing to this problem are not held accountable, this will continue to go on," says International Towers resident Kelli Way. As she told Youngstown city council Wednesday, security problems and other issues there have already been going on for years - even after a renovation in 2018.

"There is a major drug problem with residents on all floors," Way said, along with HVAC problems and water leaks.

"What we discovered was appalling," said city law director Jeff Limbian, adding that no one knew how bad it was until he and First Ward councilman Julius Oliver combed through police reports. One of them details a resident who had died and whose body had started to decompose.

"When we read the reports and saw how people in the building were being victimized, threatened, assaulted...either other residents of the building or people who were allowed into the building who should not have been allowed into the building," Limbian said. 

He's calling for a long-term plan, saying that past measures taken at the building have been mere band-aids.
Councilman Oliver promised action in the short term.

"The owner of the building, due to pressure applied by myself and attorney Limbian, has agreed to come through the week of the building the week of the (January) 30th and do a 100 percent inspection of the building," Oliver said.

What that inspection will show and what will be done about it remain to be seen.