Norfolk Southern has released its latest update on the East Palestine train derailment.

The company says its excavated 4,500 cubic yards of contaminated soil and 1.5 million gallons of contaminated water from the derailment site. The material is being moved to landfills and disposal facilities that are designed to accept it safely.

According to the release, a series of pumps have been placed upstream to reroute Sulphur Run around the derailment site. The affected portion of Sulphur Run has been dammed to protect the water downstream and environmental teams are treating the impacted portion with booms, aeration and carbon filtration units.

Norfolk Southern said the teams are working with stream experts to collect soil and groundwater samples to develop a plan to address contamination in stream banks and sediment.

The hazardous rail cars have been decontaminated but are still on site for the NTSB to continue its investigation. After the investigation, the cars will be scrapped and moved off-site.

According to the release, Norfolk Southern has served more than 2,200 families and paid more than $3.4 million in direct payments to East Palestine citizens.

The total financial commitment to East Palestine is now more than $5.6 million according to the company.

That includes:

  • $3.4 million in direct financial assistance to families
  • $1 million community assistance fund
  • $1 million budget for the new community liaison
  • $220,000 reimbursement to fund new equipment for first responders

Over the weekend, the company also created the website as a resource for members of the East Palestine community.