Groups supporting efforts to counter the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe V. Wade are a step closer to putting a reproductive rights initiative before Ohio voters as a single issue amendment this fall.

The Ohio Ballot Board on Monday unanimously approved the language proposed by Protect Choice Ohio.

The Ohio Democratic Party says the initiative would support the rights of Ohio women to make health care decisions for themselves without interference from politicians.

Ohio Right to Life Communications Director Elizabeth Marbach released a statement calling the initiative a “shameful attempt by the abortion lobby to capitalize off painful situations to force upon Ohio citizens abortions until birth, remove parental rights, and cancel health and safety standards for abortion mills to abide by.”

Protect Choice is signing up volunteers who’ll be trained to collect the 700,000 signatures still needed on petitions by July 5.

If the Ohio Secretary of State doesn’t approve and verify the needed signatures by then, Protect Choice will have ten more days to collect petitions with the minimum number of valid names.

If approved for the ballot, voting would begin on October 11.