A second pretrial hearing has been set for New Middletown employee, John Melvin.

Melvin is charged with domestic violence involving his wife. The street department superintendent was in Struthers court on Wednesday but did not appear in front of the judge. The Struthers Law Director, John Zomoida, said they were unable to reach an agreement because Melvin and his lawyer are trying to obtain new evidence in the case. 

According to a police report from the Poland Township Police Department, Melvin denied his wife food by locking it in a cabinet. Reports also state during an argument he allegedly pushed her out of her wheelchair and hit her.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges in March. 

Zomoida, said when he initially read over this case it did not sit well with him. 

“You don't see many cases like this where someone is taking advantage of somebody who is in a condition where he or she is just not able to defend him or herself because of physical limitations,” Zomoida said. 

Melvin is still an employee of New Middletown.

His next pretrial date is set for June 14.