A Warren woman has pleaded not guilty to three counts of child endangering after police say they found three children unsupervised outside her home as she slept inside.

Investigating a complaint, a police officer writes in a report that three girls, ages 2, 3, and 4, were seen outside a home on Northwest Boulevard Monday afternoon, playing with a puppy.

According to the report, there was broken glass on a sidewalk next to a trampoline, the front door of the home was open, and one of the children was naked from the waist down.

The officer reported seeking piles of clothing in the home and received no response when he called inside.

One of the girls led him into the home where the mother, of two of the children, 33-year-old Jessica Butcher was found sleeping.

Butcher woke up, telling the officer she had been napping.  She said two of the children were hers, while a third was a niece.

The officer reported finding broken, raw eggs on the kitchen floor.

Butcher was handed a summons to appear in Warren Municipal Court on Tuesday to answer three counts of child endangering.

After the hearing, Butcher was freed on bond and ordered to appear before a judge again on August 1 and to cooperate with Children’s Services.