An appeal of the citation for the vehicle storage lot on Wick Avenue has been denied. 

The lot on Youngstown's south side was previously cited in March and ordered to have the cars removed. That order was put on hold while it was being appealed and while the city's board of zoning appeals sought legal advice on whether to deny the appeal. 

Schultz Towing and Recovery LLC leases the land to store vehicles that were totaled in crashes, abandoned or seized by police as part of a criminal investigation.

Lawyers for the company leasing the land claim there is no violation of city code. 

Mayor Tito Brown said at the meeting that he spoke to Michael Durkin the code enforcement superintendent and that the lot has only one third of it left to be cleared. 

“Mr. Durkin was satisfied with the progress and we’ll review it and his officers will as well to get it moved and we’ll continue to work on that corner. We have a couple of other things that we are thinking about that may help clean up and get that corner moving in the right direction,” Mayor Brown said about the Wick Avenue corner. 

Mr. Shultz was at the meeting and said he will have the remaining 30 cars out within the next 30 days.