An Austintown family was pretty shaken up after a car crashed into their home and knocked out power to several others Monday evening.

"You can see the oil trail leading up to where he hit the house itself," said Danielle Puntel, who lives in the Wickliffe Circle home.

The driver of the vehicle, identified by police as Nicholas Cavucci, reportedly had the smell of alcohol on his breath.

Police also say, there was a bottle of vodka only a quarter of the way full inside the vehicle and that Cavucci admitted to drinking.

This isn't Cavucci's First run-in with the law. Just eight months ago on this same street, Halloween night police say Cavucci struck a parked car and appeared to be highly intoxicated. Police also report the 911 caller had taken Cavucci's keys from his vehicle.

Before that in 2021, he was arrested for OVI and currently has a suspended license.

Cavucci is supposed to go to alcohol counseling and must have an interlock system in his car to prevent anymore drunk driving.

Cavucci is convicted of at least two OVI's.

"We do have a lot of children in this neighborhood," said Puntel. "A lot of them ride their bikes up and down the street, or ride roller skates and things like that and he could've easily killed one of these kids," she said.

Police tell 21 News it's upsetting to have to continually arrest Cavucci for this same offense and that the danger in these situations is tremendously unsettling.

"It is beyond frustrating," said Austintown Lieutenant Tom Collins. "Though by the grace of God he has not seriously injured someone else based on his own neglect and his own ignorance," he said.

Cavucci is expected in court Wednesday morning.