Earlier in June, 21 News reported a battle between Mercy Health and Anthem Blue Cross insurance and how it would impact customers if not settled. That battle has still not been settled less than 24 hours before the July 1 deadline.

According to a statement from Anthem Corporate Communications Director Jeff Blunt, if this agreement is not reached by that deadline, Mercy Health will no longer accept Anthem Medicaid members.

This means those with Anthem Blue Cross insurance will incur out-of-network additional fees for services with Mercy Health.

However, Blunt says while this situation is still a major concern for Anthem and its card-carrying members, Anthem still remains hopeful that an agreement will be reached before the deadline, as eleventh hour agreements are not uncommon in these types of situations.

"Mercy Health is not seeking increased payment for our Medicaid members, they are terminating their contract to serve this vulnerable population in an attempt to force higher costs on our employer-based and individual plan members," Blunt said.

Blunt went on to say Anthem is continuing its work to assist members with transitioning care to alternate care providers. As for those undergoing treatment for serious, complex conditions, Anthem is working to continue their care with their current Mercy Health provider.

Blunt tells 21 News members may request their doctors to submit a "single-case agreement" request to anthem in situations such as pregnancy, cancer, end of life or certain other conditions.

Mercy Health Director of Public Relations, Erica Blake tells us Anthem members who would like to continue access to care at Mercy Health can pursue one of three options:

- Call Ohio Medicaid at 1-800-324-8680 to understand additional options for maintaining access to Mercy Health facilities and providers

- Call Anthem using the phone number on the back of your insurance card to understand options for care after July 1. Anthem must provide services to members with a qualifying condition regardless of whether services were prior authorized or the treating provider is in or out of network with Anthem.

- Visit this website to stay up to date with the negotiations

21 News is closely following this story and will provide an update if an agreement is reached before the deadline. Stay connected online and on air for the latest updates.