Two people have been arrested in Boardman on Thursday and one suspect is still at large after what police described as a "theft crew" allegedly attempted to steal merchandise from a Home Depot store.

A loss prevention officer at the store told police that three males entered the store with a gym bag she recognized from BOLO alerts from other stores that were victimized.

The employee told police that one of the males climbed to the top of a shelf and passed down two storage totes filled with overstock circuit breakers, which were placed in a shopping cart.

According to a police report from Boardman PD, the three males were allegedly part of an out-of-state "theft crew" who steal large quantities of circuit breakers and flee upon being spotted by police.

Police say once the three males saw the loss prevention officer and police approaching them they all fled in different directions leaving the items behind.

Police were able to detain one suspect, identified as 24-year-old Ion Laurentiu of Washington. Police say a second male was observed fleeing towards nearby railroad tracks

Officers were eventually able to detain the second male, but police say he refused to identify himself, only stating that he is Romanian and has a passport, but he left it in California.

This male is believed to be a juvenile between the ages of 16 and 17 and is currently listed as "John Doe," but police say they do have an idea of who he might be.

Police say a third male suspect also fled, but officers were never able to find him. The loss prevention officer provided police with a photograph of the third suspect.

According to the report, Boardman Police spoke with a Niles detective who told them that 10 boxes of circuit breakers were recently stolen from Lowe's in Niles.

Laurentiu was booked in the Mahoning County Jail and is charged with Complicity to Theft. Due to the second suspect allegedly being a juvenile, he is not in the jail and was instead held in police custody and eventually booked in the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center.