Crews are responding to a crash in Struthers involving a car and a home.

Just minutes after the city's Fourth of July Parade kicked off crews responded to a scene at the corner of Elm Street and Hawthorne Street.

Some police and fire first responders had to leave the parade to attend to the accident. 

Pictures taken by 21 News crews show two cars crashed into a home and a third one crashed into a fence at a neighboring home. Police and fire crews are on scene.

Rob Capitte, whose house was damaged, described what happened. 

"I was walking up the driveway and I was coming to check on my wife and daughter and I was trying to get into my side door and I felt the fence and I looked and I heard like four explosions, when she hit the pole, she hit this car, she drove into this house and as I’m getting ready to try to open the door, I seen the red flash land into my daughter’s car right there," Rob Capitte said. "So, I got into the door real fast and I got my wife to make sure everybody was ok, they come running down, all I, the four explosions is what got me, because I thought my house was gone, I thought the front of the house was gone."

According to Struthers Police Captain DJ Aldish, a red pick-up truck was traveling eastbound on Elm Street  before crossing over into the westbound lane. From there the truck hit a telephone pole, struck two vehicles, then came to a rest at the house.

One woman, the driver of the red pick-up, sustained minor injuries and was take to the hospital for evaluation. 

"I’m just glad nobody else got hurt because she was the only one and when I checked the truck and I seen her, she was pretty cut up and I asked her if she was ok, I said are you ok, you ok, she goes yeah, I want to get up, I said no, don’t get up because she was cut up, and I go don’t get up, they’re coming, they’re coming, she goes oh, I want to get up and see what I did and I said no, no, you don’t," Capitte said. 

Telephone poles and wires are down at the scene. As of 12:40 p.m. there are no power outages reported in Struthers on FirstEnergy's outage map.

The gas line at one house was damaged, and the utility company has been called to repair the damage. 

Police are unable to rule out speeding, drugs or alcohol at this time, though Aldish says it is evident that the driver did not hit the brakes at any point during the accident.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.