A Warren man who was found guilty of bringing drugs into the jail and possession of crack cocaine had his conviction and sentence upheld.

Ezara Shine Jr., 56, had his appeal of conviction and prison sentence denied by the 11th District Court of Appeals.

Shine was found guilty in May 2022 by a Trumbull County jury and sentenced by former Judge W. Wyatt McKay to 30 months in prison.

According to the release, Shrine's attorney appealed to appellate judges, claiming two errors by the court. The first claimed error involved a denial to suppress evidence of Shine's statements to police following his July 2019 arrest.

The Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office says Shine denied that he was carrying drugs as he was being processed into the jail. He claimed that his fifth amendment rights were violated but the appeals court did not.

Shine's attorney claimed the second error was that he was convicted by jurors despite a lack of evidence. The defense claimed the arresting officers and a correction officer at the jail did not find the contraband.

According to the release, the higher court said the plastic bag containing cocaine was found by a detective after Shine had taken off his shoes and socks.

Shine is being held at the Noble Correctional Institution in Caldwell, Ohio.

He is expected to be released in October 2024.