Owners and lawyers of the Big Apple and Pit Stop along with Warren City leaders met privately Monday afternoon in an effort to find solutions to their issues.

According to city officials, the stores are a main area for criminal activity, leading Councilman James Shaffer to introduce a resolution to object to the renewal of liquor permits for both stores.

Enzo Cantalamessa director of law for the city, says they are analyzing contributing factors of recurring violence and city leaders have proposed some solutions.

"Improved lighting, increased camera presence, increased police presence. We looked at hours of operations, types of clientele [and] products being sold," Cantalamessa said.

The store owners along with their lawyers declined to comment after Monday's meeting. However, after the meeting concluded Cantalamessa told 21 News that the city will monitor their progress before their liquor permits expire in October.

If city council votes to object the liquor permits, it has to be sent to the state liquor board 30 days prior to the renewal license.  City leaders say if they see safety improvements at the stores, they could potentially cancel their objection.

"Then we are willing to be able to have a conversation with the  division of liquor control that says 'Look, yes this resolution was passed objecting to the renewal. However, in light of circumstances that have transpired that enable the city to see improvement, we are no longer seeking such revocation of their licensure," Cantalamessa said. 

According to Fourth Ward Councilman James Shaffer, an emergency legislation hearing will take place on July 26. City council members will vote on the objection of the liquor permits.