A Marine Veteran could need surgery on his foot, is unable to stand and hold the couple's baby after this fugitive 37-year-old Ashley Croley allegedly ran over him as she fled the Eastern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lisbon.
Tim Felt tells us it was around 5:00 p.m. Saturday when he stopped to quickly pick up a pizza he had ordered, turned off his Cobalt, left the keys in the ignition, and went inside.
"I picked up the pizza and looked out at my car and I saw an unknown female jump inside my vehicle at that moment I dropped the pizza and ran to my car thinking that if I yelled loud enough and opened the door she would stop," Timothy Felt said. 
Tim got wedged underneath the door of his car and fell.
Yet he tells 21 News the suspect who was yelling at him, kept driving in reverse, drove partially over him, then fled.
The dad who is thankful he is alive and grateful his kids were at home and not inside his car, has road rash and his foot is in a cast.
He has been advised to see an orthopedic surgeon as he may need rods and pins in his foot.
"My wife currently works and had had to take off work. She has to be home all day every day to help take care of my nine-month-old and help get our 12-year-old back to school, but we can't do that because the vehicle is gone. I was supposed to start working at Amazon. Now I can't do that because I can't stand on my foot," Felt added.
The 37-year-old fugitive Ashley Croley, from Youngstown, was serving time in the community-based correctional facility, for aggravated possession of drugs when she escaped Saturday by climbing a fence.
If you see a Chevy Cobalt she allegedly stole for a getaway car, with the license plate JLU 4899, or if you know of her whereabouts police are asking you to call 911 and or Lisbon Police to provide that information. 
The family has a GoFundMe account called Victim of criminal violence organized by Timothy Felt.