Warren Police were called to a neighborhood on the city's West side on Saturday for what appears to be a party gone awry.

According to a report of the incident, Officers were called for "about 100 juveniles fist fighting in the roadway," and "cars and people everywhere."

When units arrived, they were met by 40-year-old Terence Langston, who the report alleges stood in front of a police cruiser's fender to block it from entering the neighborhood.

Another officer, witnessing Langston allegedly block the cruiser, exited his vehicle and attempted to apprehend Langston, who then supposedly tried to flee. Another woman, claiming to be a homeowner in the cul-de-sac, allegedly obstructed the officer trying to apprehend Langston.

Another officer attempted to grab Langston's arm, at which point he allegedly began swatting and pushing the officer. Another officer nearby then reportedly tased Langston twice to subdue him.

The report says that officers were unable to discern if any fighting had occurred due to the number of people present. It also says that several individuals, including a juvenile, attempted to stop police from arresting the woman who had earlier attempted to obstruct the officer from apprehending Langston. 

That individual is identified as Dianne Langston, who told police that she was throwing a party for a 16 year old in the neighborhood.

Terence Langston was booked into the Trumbull County Jail, charged with resisting arrest. Dianne Langston and Denise Miller are charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.