A man with multiple addresses in multiple Valley counties was handed an 18-month prison sentence for what prosecutors are describing as a "crime spree" throughout various parts of Trumbull County.

According to a press release from the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office, 31-year-old Austin Chace, who has addresses in Salem, Leetonia and Boardman pled guilty on August 2 to seven felony counts including one count of grand theft motor vehicle, five counts of theft and one count of receiving stolen property.

These charges all stem from a crime spree Chace went on through Girard and Bazetta Township back in December of 2022 where he broke into four different vehicles stealing wallets and credit cards from them.

In one instance, Chace stole one of the vehicles and drove it to the Walmart in Bazetta Township where he attempted to use a stolen credit card to purchase a Visa gift card.

Chace's presence wasn't just limited to Trumbull County though. According to Boardman Police, his crime spree extended to Boardman with police alleging that he and another suspect, identified as Johnathen Figueroa were seen on South Avenue breaking into cars and trucks and leaving the doors open.

Additionally, a third suspect, LaNite Rider of Girard told police that she was with Chace when he was breaking into the cars in Girard and was with him during the incident at the Bazetta Township Walmart, as well as a truck stop in Austintown.

Rider is facing charges of complicity to commit theft and Figueroa is facing drug charges.