Mercer County residents are voicing their disapproval of sand and gravel quarries looking to open in Springfield Township. A third public hearing took place Wednesday to give township officials all the facts before they make a decision on the company. 

Three Rivers Aggregates, a sand and gravel company that currently operates three facilities in Slippery Rock and Wapum, PA., plans to open three new locations in Springfield Township in Mercer County.

Three Rivers Aggregates plans to operate a sand and gravel surface mine with mineral extraction on nearly 8 acres located at 34 North Holstein Lane, Grove City, on approximately 42 acres on Pine Road, Grove City , and approximately 71 acres located at 87 North Holstein Lane, Grove City.

This time, the general public and homeowners of surrounding properties had their chance to explain why they're against the idea.

Those who call Springfield Township home aren't opposed to new business in the area but think sand and gravel quarries aren't the answer.

"I've lived here for 30-40 years," said John Ayers of Lee Road in Grove City. "I'm one of the largest property owners in Grove City."

Those top concerns continue to be dust particle pollution, water quality, and noise disturbances to potentially diminishing property value.

"Our exit, the outlet mall, restaurants, the truck traffic, the dirt that flies," Ayers explained. "We're told there's going to be no dust and no dirt. Well, I've got drone shots of all the other strip mines with dirt and dust everywhere."

A third public hearing allowed residents to explain to the township's supervisors why they don't want it in their backyard. As public hearing sessions continue, the township's supervisors are hearing different perspectives before they decide if they want to approve a conditional use application, which essentially gives the green light to Three Rivers Aggregates. 

"They got a long record of doing this," Ayers added. "They have a long record of winning and mowing people over."

Charles Wallechik already has underlying health issues and doesn't believe certain testimony that claims the quarries are safe.

"I also heard where I worked at, 'That don't hurt you. Don't worry about that. You don't need to worry about that.' And now look at me," he said. 

Former Township Supervisor Rick Hillman mentioned potential zoning changes that could prevent the company from moving in. Three Rivers Aggregates Attorney's continuously pointed to the residents not being experts on the topic-- and for the supervisors to process factual information when making their decision.

The township's supervisors will make their final decision on the project during their next meeting on November 15 at 6 p.m.