A Sebring man who drugged and subsequently raped a 14-year-old girl was sentenced in court Thursday.

Michael Vanhorn, 36, plead guilty to two charges of rape, with all other charges against him being dropped. He was sentenced to 22 to 27-and-a-half years in prison.

One of the two victims was in the courtroom. The 14 year old girl told the judge that the abuse by Vanhorn had been happening for almost 8 years before he was arrested. 

“I’m upset for what he did and it hurts. It hurts a lot and I wish it could get taken back and just have a normal life,” she said. 

She blamed Vanhorn for taking away her childhood and said she doesn't forgive his actions but will forgive him as a person once he serves his time. 

Vanhorn spoke in court too - he didn't address the judge but told the victim she's a good person and deserved better.

“All I can say at this point in my life is I’m sorry for what I did do and I can only hope that the time will heal her heart,” Vanhorn said.

Michael's wife Kara was given a sentence of one year of probation on one count of endangering children. She had already plead guilty to this charge.

These charges all stem from an incident in which Michael gave the female victim wine, marijuana and Xanax before raping her. Police say the couple regularly allowed minors to drink and smoke marijuana in their home.