A Youngstown man is behind bars after allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face and attempting to escape capture by police.

Cedrick Cohill, 35, is facing charges of domestic violence, assault and obstructing official businesses for an incident on Oct. 24 on Judson Avenue.

According to a police report, Cohill allegedly used a stolen key to get into his girlfriends home to talk to his girlfriend about something. When she refused, Cohill went upstairs to talk to the victim's cousin, who was also there.

After an argument broke out, Cohill allegedly punched the victim in the face, damaging the victim's eyelid. The cousin escaped with the victim's child. 

When police arrived, Cohill was still in the house. Police say he began looking for an escape route out of the house.

The report says he opened a second floor window and window at the front of the house before jumping off a second story porch into the back yard of the house and across Mistletoe Avenue.

Meanwhile, one of the officers chasing Cohill attempted to taser the suspect but failed.

Cohill attempted to scale a wooden fence behind one of the homes before one of the officers pulled him down, according to reports.

Police later took the suspect to a local hospital for minor injuries to his hand, which police believe were from punching the victim. 

While trying to scale the fence, police believe Cohill lost a tooth.

He is currently being held at the Mahoning County Jail and is awaiting a pretrial in the Mahoning County Court.