Editor's Note: The story has been updated and corrected to include the Poland Village amd Poland Township Police Additional Levy.

Several communities across Mahoning County had additional police and fire levies on the ballot Tuesday. Here are the results:

Austintown Additional Fire Levy: The township's additional 3-mill continuous levy to support fire and EMS services in the township passed Tuesday, which brings an additional $2,077,000 annually. The levy passed 6,475 to 5,036. The purpose of the additional levy was to provide funds for maintaining fire apparatus, mechanical resuscitators, and more. The levy will cost Township property owners $105 for each $100,000 of the county auditor's appraised value for a continuing period of time, first due in 2024.

Poland Village Police Additional Levy: A new 0.98-mill 5-year renewal levy, which was to replace two current operating levies, passed as well. The additional levy will bring in $358,000 annually and would cost a homeowner $34.30 per year based on every $100,000 value of the home. For votes: 626 (52.25%); Against, 572 (47.75%)

Poland Township Police Additional Levy: Additional of 0.98 mill , For votes were 2,835 (46.97%);  Against  3,201 (53.03%)

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